Finding the right company to fulfill all of your marketing research needs can be challenging, but one of the factors to consider when choosing the right firm is its geographic reach. Often, your business needs call for research projects to be conducted outside of your organization’s home state or home country. By partnering with a knowledgeable global research company it is easier to have conversations with the world’s consumers and overcome difficult cultural barriers, such as language translation, exchange rates and local customs that need to be understood in order to gauge their impact on the research process. A firm that can conduct research globally acts as an important partner and gives unique insights into different cultures and backgrounds, helping develop your target profile while also providing you with a total market view. A global company that carefully researches various markets can provide a diverse look at consumers that could prove to be invaluable for your project. Here is a list of some of the top firms that provide global market research services.

AcuPOLL Precision Research Inc.

Founded: 1991 | 30 employees

Jeff Goldstein, President

Our logo has a globe in it for good reason. AcuPOLL has been executing complex international innovation and marketing projects for 20 years in more than 35 countries. Our unique flexibility of testing online, via qual-quant central location tests or a mix of both, allows us to conduct research anywhere in the world and fuse together the most effective, culturally informed and cost-efficient solution. AcuPOLL’s forward-looking alternative approach to concept advancement gives you greater insight and more ways to optimize innovation, propelling projects further, faster. Call now and have us customize a solution for your challenge!

Phone 513-943-0020


B2B International

Founded: 1998 | 120 employees

Matthew Harrison, CEO

B2B International is the largest B2B-focused market research firm with offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our client portfolio includes 600 of the world’s largest 1,500 companies. We have conducted over 3,000 B2B research studies spanning a wide range of sectors from traditional heavy industry to financial and business services. From sole proprietors to corporations, from procurement to production, we know how to reach the right audiences and extract the intelligence you need. As B2B specialists in branding, product development, segmentation, customer experience, pricing and more, we provide the most comprehensive range of B2B research services to give your brand a competitive edge.   

Phone 914-761-1909


Blackstone Group

Founded 1987 | 51 Employees

Ashref Hashim, CEO

For over 28 years, The Blackstone Group has been providing international marketing research solutions in more than 100 countries. Blackstone delivers a global reach with state-of-the-art technologies, multiple offices and partners around the world. We have a proven track record in the design and management of research projects and data collection utilizing mixed-mode methodologies. Our key areas of tracking and evaluation expertise include customer experience, new products, brand and advertising in the form of full custom research solutions. The Blackstone Group is a trusted resource with a reputation for fast turnaround and consistently reliable, high-quality performance.  

Phone 312-419-0400


Blueocean Market Intelligence

Founded 2000 | 1,000+ employees

Dr. Kumar Mehta

Blueocean Market Intelligence is a global analytics and insights provider that helps corporations realize a 360-degree view of their customers through data integration and a multidisciplinary approach that enables sound, data-driven business decisions. Since we live in a highly dynamic and multidimensional world, we believe the most effective business decisions come from a synthesis of data streams and not from one-dimensional sources. Using our 360 Discovery approach, we ensure the comprehensive use of all available structured and unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring the best to bear against each engagement. Strong decision support is enabled through a combination of analytics, domain expertise, engineering and visualization skills brought together in harmony. Leading companies have benefited from our partnership with financial growth, 360-degree views of their markets and competition and improved customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

Phone 425-615-7474


Brädo Creative Insight

Founded 1996 | 35 employees

Steve Nollau, President & Chief Strategy Officer

Bob Cuneo, President & Chief Creative Officer

Brädo Creative Insight is a strategic market research agency comprised of creative strategists – people with advertising agency creative, planning and research backgrounds as well as those with brand management experience. We exist to inspire; inspire our clients, inspire consumers and inspire each other. We’re not classically-trained researchers, we’re creatively-trained problem solvers. We specialize in discovering and articulating creative insight in the form of positioning and messaging research, innovation and ideation, concept evaluation and optimization, user experience research, shopper marketing insights and customer portrait studies. We believe it is our job to inspire clients to research boldly and execute bravely.

Phone 314-621-9499


Civicom Marketing Research Services

Founded 2000 | 350 employees

Rebecca West, Global VP, Marketing Research Services

Civicom is a leading-edge provider of audio, Web and Internet technology solutions that enable marketing re-searchers to engage respondents, moderators and clients in research from wherever they are located in the world. We facilitate local language IDIs, focus groups, asynchronous online research/bulletin boards, mobile qualitative studies, audio diaries, patient journeys, video journals, shopper insights and mystery shopping. We provide translation capabilities, plus a state-of-the-art proprietary transcription system with flexible delivery dates and transcriptions in multiple languages. We’ve facilitated virtually every kind of phone or Web-enabled marketing research project possible. We set the standard in superior client service and support.

Phone 203-413-2423


Customer Lifecycle LLC

Founded 2008 | 18 employees

Karin A. Ferenz, CEO

Customer Lifecycle is a global research consultancy working with B2B/B2C companies to plan and conduct re-search to accurately identify and measure requirements for customer acquisition, satisfaction and loyalty, share-of-wallet growth and retention. We help organizations get better business results through improved integration of research findings into day-to-day operations. With reach to more than 3 million individuals in over 160 countries, we conduct strategic qualitative and quantitative research in multiple localized languages on a world-wide basis. We help companies avoid costly mistakes by focusing on thorough front-end planning, appropriate support for research execution and action implementation at the back end.

Phone 630-412-8989


Decision Analyst Inc.

Founded 1978 | 150+ employees

Jerry W. Thomas, CEO

Decision Analyst conducts research and analytical consulting assignments throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Decision Analyst has the multicultural professionals, software, technology and analytical tools to address business and marketing issues on a global scale. It maintains proprietary online panels in over 150 different countries and has a network of research partners in all major countries. Decision Analyst delivers a blend of primary research, analytical consulting and modeling to help companies develop optimal marketing strategies, build powerful brands, improve product performance, increase advertising effectiveness, improve package communication, strengthen promotional programs and accelerate new product development.

Phone 817-640-6166



Founded 2001 | 13 employees

Michelle Borea, President

Fieldwork Network International understands the unique difficulties of conducting research in far-reaching countries. We are your connection to qualitative and quantitative project management across the globe – a single contact that means time-saving convenience, simplicity and seamless continuity. From the initial proposal to dates in-field, Fieldwork is there through every step to ensure a high level of research and data collection. Our services include managing language and cultural barriers (local moderation, advice on local customs, translation services), handling currency conversion and exchange rates and managing vendor procedures and processes. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest.

Phone 888-863-4853



Founded 1990 | 380 employees

Eric Grosgogeat, CEO

FocusVision is the leading global provider of integrated global technology solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market research. The company has specialized in research facility videostreaming since it was found-ed in 1990 and has grown to offer best-in-class quant+qual research solutions for every aspect of an organization’s research practice, including Webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming, asynchronous online software, mobile device usability studies, robust survey programming and reporting platform as well as panel management. FocusVision has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil and Singapore.

Phone 800-433-8128


Frontline Global Solutions

Founded 2006 | 90 employees

Roberta Fimognari, CEO

Frontline Global Solutions is a world leader in brand standards and customer-facing service measurements. With over 70 years of combined industry experience and excellence, we thoroughly identify your needs and build custom solutions specific to your business. Our key differentiator is that we lead the industry with our geographic reach through 20 offices, with approximately 150,000 active field agents in 132 countries. For you, this means local people, local offices and local field agents – people with the knowledge and cultural understanding to personally deliver real and actionable insights. We boost your ROI with services that will increase your overall business performance.

Phone 888-448-4703



Founded 2008 | 17 employees

Tiffany Hays, CEO

FUEL is a full-service field management agency specializing in front-to-back fieldwork across the globe. We of-fer collaborative visions from veteran field managers with over 40 years of experience, a mastered set of global qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including traditional and online expertise, a worldwide network of heavily-vetted partners and 24/7 support. The Focus Room, our boutique facility located in New York City, has been recognized as a top-rated qualitative agency for 30 years. Designed to optimize qualitative research, our studio features state-of-the-art technology, three modern suites, flexible layouts, stylish furnishings and an ex-pert management team.

Phone 212-935-6820


InContext Solutions

Founded 2009 | 90 employees

Mark Hardy, CEO

InContext Solutions is the global leader in scalable Web-based virtual reality retail and shopper intelligence solutions dedicated to providing decision-critical insights powered by 3-D virtual shopping simulations. In short, we have revolutionized the way brands and retailers understand and optimize the shopper experience. InContext provides a unique in-depth perspective on what consumers see on the shelf, how this drives their purchase behavior and why. With custom virtual reality research and ShopperMX™, our virtual reality simulation and shopper in-sights platform, InContext Solutions provides the data and insights needed to make faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions.

Phone 312- 462-4198


info Analytica

Founded 2003 | 195 employees

CEO: Amit Gupta

InfoAnalytica Inc. is a specialty marketing research services firm based out of San Jose, Calif. The company focuses on providing actionable and decision-critical insights through robust primary and secondary research methodologies. InfoAnalytica has helped more than 150 global corporations with strategic and tactical decision-making to enhance profitability and market shares. InfoAnalytica’s research expertise spans across various industry verticals including technology, telecommunications, retail, health care, financial services, e-commerce and manufacturing. Their clients include Yahoo, PayPal, UCLA Extension, Dun and Bradstreet, eBay, TechTarget, CapTap, Escalon, WhiteHat Security, Identify Finder and several more.

Phone 650-314-8048


Issues & Answers Network Inc.

Founded 1988 | 500+ employees

Mohit Gour, Director International Field Services

Issues & Answers Network Inc. is an independent global marketing research firm providing everything from survey and sampling design, data collection (400 CATI stations in five U.S. call centers and 160 CATI stations in Europe), project management to data analysis. Our international network of reliable alliance partners extends our research capabilities across six continents. International research capabilities include qualitative, quantitative, Web and Web-enabled ethnographies as well as  translation and transcription services.

Phone 757-456-1100


Market Analytics International Inc.

Founded 2002

Michele McKenna, CEO

Market Analytics International starts with clients’ needs to provide effective global market research and business intelligence solutions. The company conducts qualitative and quantitative research as well as competitive and market intelligence across a wide range of B2B and B2C industries. Using a variety of research tools and techniques, Market Analytics is focused on innovative and non-traditional solutions. A multicultural team of over 5,000 employees, independent contractors and in-country researchers brings unique perspectives from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds. Having conducted research in more than 100 countries and numerous languages, Market Analytics effectively bridges research, culture and insights.

Phone 201-556-1188


Rabin Research Company

Founded 1963 | 20 employees

Michelle Elster, President

International and domestic B2C and B2B marketing research services for packaged goods, financial, health care/pharmaceuticals, services, insurance, entertainment and new technology industries. Service principles: high-quality work, on-time delivery, creative study designs, strategic insights, competitive prices, exceeding expectations. Study types: concepts, segmentation, product use/sensory, names, packages, product design, advertising, customer satisfaction, awareness/attitude/usage, tracking, pricing, problem detection, promotions, positionings, promises. Data collection techniques: Internet/mobile, telephone, central-locations, mail and in-person. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Phone 312-527-5009


RTi Research

Founded 1979 | 55 employees

David Rothstein, CEO

RTi helps turn insight into action. We are an innovative global full-service market research company and for more than three decades, our clients have counted on us to connect the dots, tell the story and influence action. We are an AMA Gold Top 50 company and a Connecticut Top Workplace. Our tremendously talented, experienced and dedicated team provides unparalleled marketing-focused research and brand strategy services to the most highly regarded brands within their respective industries. Clients come to RTi seeking higher level involvement, more insightful thinking and extraordinarily attentive service; they stay because we deliver – we support their success.

Phone 203-324-2420


Schlesinger Associates

Founded 1966 | 600 employees

Nadine Casaletto, Director, Global Qualitative Solutions

With proprietary offices in the EU and with strategic partnerships worldwide, Schlesinger Global enables you to take the pulse of markets around the world. Our clients trust us as their global research partner to deliver high-quality qualitative or quantitative recruitment and project management for their important projects for health care, consumer, B2B and technology markets. Your project manager and single-point-of-contact is fully ac-countable for your study success. As norms and behaviors vary across the world, we start by taking a consultative approach to supporting you and advising which methodologies and approaches are likely to be most successful in each international market. Celebrating 50 years!

Phone 732-670-3397


SSI (Survey Sampling International)

Founded 1977 | 3,600 employees

Chris Fanning, President and CEO

SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research, reaching respondents in over 100 countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 30 offices in 21 countries offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s 3,600 employees serve more than 2,500 clients worldwide.

Phone 203-567-7200


Strategic Research Initiatives LLC

Founded 2009 | 7 employees

Timothy F. Grainey, CEO

Strategic Research Initiatives LLC has extensive experience conducting market research in six continents and diverse nations, including Argentina, China, Germany, India, Papua New Guinea and Zambia. SRI specializes in automotive research, particularly large-scale advanced product development clinics in Asia, Europe, North and Latin America. Tim Grainey has opened research offices previously in Brazil and Mexico. We also help clients do exploratory market entry research to expand into other markets, including China, Russia, the United Arab Emir-ates and others. Tim took a cultural exchange trip to Cuba recently and has set up avenues for primary and secondary market research in this market.

Phone 480-457-1688


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