The world is more connected than ever, yet it is still challenging to find the right clients and respondents abroad. To gain reliable information and insights, partnering with a global marketing research company can help. Research experts can offer a wide array of technology services along with their own personal expertise.

From translations and design to concept testing and strategy research the following 17 marketing research companies can offer you services and guidance with any of your project needs!

Civicom Marketing Research Services logo.

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Founded 2000 | 500+ worldwide employees
Rebecca West, Global President, Marketing Research Services Group

Civicom image, man with headset using Civicom website.

A global ResTech leader, Civicom® Marketing Research Services specializes in online and in-person IDIs and focus groups. We support hybrid quant/qual, online communities, mobile insights, mobile UX testing, multimedia curation and more. CCam® focus, our portable HD 360° recording and streaming solution, brings new opportunities for market researchers through a hybrid combination of in-facility participants with remote moderators and observers all in the same live interview or focus group. With Civicom, you get the best of both worlds, technology and people. Civicom is known for our quality of support and dedication to clients through our motto “Your project success is our number one priority.”

Phone 1-203-413-2423

Decision Analyst logo.

Decision Analyst, Inc. 

Founded 1978 | 150 employees
Bonnie Janzen, Executive Vice President

Bonnie Janze, EVP of Decision Analyst.Decision Analyst offers an array of services to help clients develop and sustain winning brands. We design and execute marketing research and consulting assignments in Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. Our specialty is melding in-depth qualitative investigations, strategic survey research, advanced analytics, mathematical modeling and simulation to solve complex marketing problems. Our services include strategy research, brand research, awareness, trial and usage research, concept testing, package testing, product testing, new product sales forecasting and advertising research. Decision Analyst is a leader in advanced analytics, market segmentation, mathematical modeling and simulation and offers full-service custom research. Our researchers recommend the quantitative or qualitative technique best suited to your research needs. Decision Analyst’s strengths in statistics, modeling and optimization provide the foundation to address complex business and strategy issues. 

Phone 1-817-640-6166  

Fieldwork logo.Fieldwork

Founded 1980 | 300+ employees
Steve Raebel, President

Fieldwork office space with front logo.Our global specialties include B2B, consumer and global research. For over 40 years Fieldwork has recruited the highest-quality business, medical and consumer respondents both through and far beyond databases, using proven methods to reach your audience. Fieldwork provides unsurpassed project management, hosting and complete guidance through in-person, remote/online and hybrid research sessions. Our technically versed support staff will confidently guide you through the logistics from large online to multicountry project execution. Fieldwork is your qualitative research partner. Focus on the research. We’ll do the rest.

Phone 1-800-863-4353

GWI logo.


Founded 2009 | 500+ employees
Chase Buckle, Head of Global Trends

Chase Buckle, head of global trends at GWI.GWI is the leading audience insights company. The company’s flagship survey represents 2.7 billion people globally by continually collecting data across 48 countries. It provides global data at an unrivaled scale to help businesses gain a deep understanding of their audiences at speed. Its SaaS platform and custom data products are trusted by the world’s biggest brands, media organizations and agencies. Customers include Google, Spotify, Twitter, EA, Red Bull, WPP and Omnicom.

Harmon Research logoHarmon Research

Founded 2009 | 127 employees
Joey Harmon, President and Founder

Joey Harmon, president of Harmon Research. Top insight companies have turned to Harmon Research for high-quality data collection for over 12 years in more than 43 countries. We specialize in data collection and our services also include survey programming, translation and data processing. Our team has worked with many of the world’s top research organizations. Harmon Research’s strength lies in our skills and service – our dedicated account management team is always available to answer questions and sharpen the scope of our research and our team of experienced researchers produce swift and cost-effective results by using our partner and our own proprietary panel. We use cutting-edge technology to manage our studies, including our DataDefense program, which conducts a line-by-line review of our data to ensure the insights we deliver are accurate and actionable.

Phone 1-714-881-2590

InnovateMR logo.


Founded 2014 | 180+ employees
Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO

Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO of InnovateMR.InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling and ResTech company that delivers faster answers from business and consumer audiences worldwide utilizing technologies to support agile research. InnovateMR connects organizations with targeted audiences around the globe and develops forward-thinking products to support informed, data-driven strategies and identify growth opportunities. The InnovateMR team pioneered the online sampling space with hundreds of proprietary niche panels in 95+ countries. With a highly consultative approach, the team specializes in high-touch services and delivering hard-to-reach audiences including B2B, health care, IHUTs and specialty consumer. With unparalleled and award-winning data quality, InnovateMR remains a sampling leader in the market research industry.

Phone 1-888-229-6664

Ironwood Insights logo.Ironwood Insights Group, LLC

Founded 2017 | 300 employees
Brian Cash, VP Research Services

Brash Cash, VP, research services of Ironwood Insights. Ironwood Insights offers expert-level consultation and execution across a full spectrum of insights services including forward-thinking designs, industry-leading data collection services and leading-edge analytical frameworks. Ironwood offers clients a range of advisory services at each stage of their global projects ranging from which data collection methods and research designs will be most successful in a given region to focused interpretation of results based on the cultural context of the unique market. Above all, we understand the importance of keeping multicountry data collection – whether phone, online or mixed methodology – tightly controlled through a single point of contact. The synergy of our capabilities allows us to maximize the actionability of the research and optimize the client’s budget across even the most complex multimarket global projects. Contact us to learn more about how Ironwood provides clients with actionable, durable business insights that create a lasting competitive advantage.

Phone 1-602-661-0807 x2110

Ivy Insights, A division of Ivy Exec logo.

Ivy Insights, a Division of Ivy Exec

Founded 2007 | 100+ employees
Alex Baranpuriam, Chief Growth Officer

Alex Baranpuriam is the chief growth officer at Ivy Insights.Ivy Insights (the B2B-facing vertical of Ivy Exec) is more than an expert network. It’s a highly engaged community of subject-matter experts, decision makers and thought leaders seeking to share their knowledge and grow their careers. Our elite online community allows us to engage the most sought-after industry experts for a broad variety of research projects and methodologies, including focus groups, one-on-one consultations, roundtables, panels, samples and more. Ivy Insights’ diverse community is made up of over 500,000 C-suite professionals and 800,000 women in business. Eighty percent of Ivy Insights members are director-level and above, while 70% have advanced degrees.

Phone 1-919-308-8947

Multilingual Connections logo.Multilingual Connections

Founded 2005 | 35 employees
Jill Kushner Bishop, PhD

Jill Kushner Bishop of Multilingual Connections.Create trust and meaningful connections in over 75 languages. Since 2005, Chicago-based Multilingual Connections has connected clients with their global audience. From translating surveys and discussion guides to transcribing IDIs and focus groups, our experienced linguists ensure accuracy and cultural nuance. We’re happy to announce that we also offer bilingual moderation and research support in over 20 languages. With our global network of language, culture and research experts, we partner with you to ensure the success of your project. And proudly woman-owned. Connect with us to learn more.

Phone 1-877-292-5264, 1-773-292-5500

OvationMR WorldInSight logo


Founded 2017 | 20+ employees
Jim Whaley, CEO

OvationMR Group photo.It’s a great day for discovering why…you get fast, reliable answers for insightful decisions with OvationMR. Significantly improve your online research success with dependable survey data from B2B and consumer audiences. Our mission: Expand opportunities for researchers to do the work you believe in and can stand behind, for your company, your community and your cause. OvationMR services cover sampling, programming and hosting, translations and design and analysis for brand tracking studies, market segmentations, conjoint analysis, awareness and usage studies, customer experience, concept testing and political polling. Our clients include research practitioners, consultants, governments, NGOs and global brands. We offer survey audience sampling and supporting research services globally. Contact us today at:

Phone 1-212-653-8750

Quest Mindshare Logo

Quest Mindshare

Founded 2003 | 140 employees
Greg Matheson, Managing Partner
Joe Farrell, Managing Partner

Greg Matheson and Joe Farrell, Quest Mindshare managing partners

Launched in 2003 to meet the needs of technology companies, Quest began survey operations to 45,000 persons employed in technical fields. With fast-growing panels and a focus on utilizing the greatest survey security technology, Quest Mindshare is now known to provide the most extensive and flexible groups of online panel assets for every B2B and consumer need. Quest’s largest panels reside in North America and Europe but our project management team can superbly tackle your projects anywhere in the world. Let Quest know what your hard to find audience is (from ITDMs, financial DMs, web developers to moms with babies, music ratings and everything in between) and the team of market research experts and professionals will either offer support through the diverse panel assets or recommend ways to achieve your target.

Phone 1-416-860-0404

Radius logo

Radius Global Market Research

Founded 1960 | 150 employees
Jamie Myers, Executive Director

Radius Global Market Research: World map using thumb tacks and string.We design insights approaches based on the cultural context and unique attitudes of each country. Our teams in Europe, the Middle East and Asia maintain a strong focus on auto, finance and CPG, using methodologies such as non-scalar ratings, association questions, sorting exercises and choice-based modeling coupled with immersive techniques that incorporate “why” questions to uncover the root cause of responses. These insights help brands track global consumer trends, create stronger regional targeting strategies and innovate products by prioritizing features by region. Our studies are multinational in scope and help brands develop roadmaps for growth across regions and the world.

Phone 1-212-633-1100

SKIM logo


Founded 1979 | 223 employees
Karin Lieshout, Managing Director
Joris Huisman, Managing Director

Karin Lieshout and Joris Huisman, SKIM managing directors.SKIM is a global insights agency helping leading companies thrive by understanding decision-making. To stay ahead in today’s environment, it’s critical to know how decisions are made and how the changing environment influences decisions for consumers, health care and B2B professionals. By understanding how decision-making has changed (and how it hasn’t!), we adapt sophisticated research techniques and develop innovations to address this new reality. The result? Practical brand communications, revenue management, product innovation, e-commerce and advanced analytics recommendations you can use to propel your business forward, online and offline.

Phone 1-470-419-4874

Skopos World LogoSkopos World 

Founded 1995 | 125+ employees worldwide
Darren Mark Noyce, Founding Father

Skopos Founder Darren Mark Noyce.Skopos World is the long-established, award-winning, global insights group (Europe, China and around the world). We deliver research skills and expertise to help clients maximize opportunities originating from “new world” developments. Our modern qual/quant research toolkit fuses intellect with insight and local knowledge. We deliver the scope and scale – combined with the right attitude and agility – today’s brands need. Our experts ensure the work is trusted and actioned. Skopos pioneered online/digital research in the 1990s, building the first internet panel (OpinionPeople™) in Europe and since launched the leading-edge community platform (Spasys™), introduced Qual-At-Scale™ and trail-blazed mobile studies and digital UX. Throughout, we have NEVER lost our can-do attitude. Darren Mark Noyce, founder and fellow of the MRS/CIM/RSS (ex-Harris director [Europe/NYC]), often contributes to industry conferences/articles/books around the world. 

Phone +44 (0) 207-953-8359

Symmetric scientifically balances samples worldwide logo

Symmetric, A Decision Analyst Company

Founded 2016 |150+ employees
Jason Thomas, President

Jason Thomas, president of Symmetric.Symmetric owns and operates American Consumer Opinion®, a worldwide online panel that reaches over 7 million consumers in 200-plus countries, spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Consumers can sign up to become members in one of 11 languages and complete demographic profiles are maintained for each household. Symmetric also operates five B2B worldwide online panels: Physicians Advisory Council®, Medical Advisory Board®, Executive Advisory Board®, Contractor Advisory Board® and Technology Advisory Board®. Symmetric provides sample for quantitative and qualitative research and online and offline projects. Our online panels are carefully balanced, continually refreshed and systematically cleaned – non-responders, speedsters and cheaters are continuously purged. Additional services include programming, hosting, online communities, tabulation, coding and IHUT mailing.

Phone 1-817-649-5243

Toluna logo


Founded 2000 | 1,700 employees
Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO of Toluna.Toluna delivers real-time insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. By combining global scale and local expertise with innovative technology and award-winning research design, we help clients explore tomorrow, now. Toluna Start is the intelligent insights platform that helps you instantly answer your business questions. With a single login, you can conduct quantitative and qualitative research – either through automated and self-service solutions or custom research programs built with the help of research and service experts – and reach respondents from our panel of over 40 million consumers in 70+ markets. With every research capability at your fingertips and vetted respondents at the ready, Toluna Start helps you get the insights you need, the moment you need them.

Phone 1-203-834-8585

Weber Marketing and Marketforchung logo

Weber Marketing & Marktforschung GmbH (WMM)

Founded 2004 | 11 employees
Thorsten Weber, Founder and Manager
Lulu Petrina, Strategic Design and Research Manager

Lulu Petrina, strategic design and research manager and Thorsten Weber, Founder and Manager of Weber Marketing and Marktforschung GmbH (WMM)Weber Marketing and Marktforschung GmbH is a fieldwork and consultancy agency with an international portfolio, specializing in qualitative projects. Founded in 2004, WMM is considered one of the most successful owner-run market research agencies in Germany. WMM connects companies to their customers and designers to their users. We have a multidisciplinary, multilingual team, highly experienced in navigating the intricacies of social/cultural nuances of human behavior with empathy and sensitivity. We begin gathering valuable insights from the screening of participants all the way to the synthesis and delivery of recommendations. This unique approach has proven invaluable in adding context to our findings and has earned the trust of clients and partners around the world.

Phone +49 40 226 227 630