Business needs have changed remarkably since the start of 2020 and they will likely continue to evolve even after the pandemic has subsided. In order to stay on top of changing demands, it’s more critical than ever for businesses to have an accurate understanding of their business needs.

The following companies can help. With high-quality insights and offerings ranging from full-service to DIY, working in industries from health care to IT to CPG, these companies are equipped to help accelerate your research.

Founded 2020

Chris Wells, Managing Director

Adience is the “urge to investigate a topic or solution.” When we established Adience, our “urge” was to investigate what marketing and insights professionals want from their research partners. So, unlike many agencies, we did some research of our own. We listened to what clients were telling us and built an agency that does things a little differently. Specifically, we offer a lot more flexibility and transparency. For example, we let clients get more involved throughout the research process – they can sit in our analysis sessions if they want. Another example – if clients want to do certain stages of the research process in-house, we design a project around their needs, rather than insisting on delivering a project end-to-end.

Phone 1-646-799-5020


Founded 1998 | 11 employees

Kathy Doering, CEO 

We are a customer experience measurement company working to bring customer service standard insights to B2B companies for over 15 years. We specialize in B2B mystery shopping by using actual business owners. Acting as a normal customer, placing inquiries across all client channels, evaluating timings as well as gathering pricing information and follow-up. Another unique service offering is social media monitoring/research. This program allows us to draw in...