Quantitative research providers can offer many different but effective ways to gather the data needed to give you the best insights for your research project. Whether you are gaining consumer insight for your product or service or developing strategies to grow your business, these companies can provide all of the necessary channels to reach the most relevant audience, including quick and efficient online mediums or more in-depth traditional methods such as mail or in-person surveys and questionnaires.

Whether you require consultation for a portion of your project or are searching for an end-to-end solution, these companies can provide you with everything you need to conduct impactful quantitative research.

Founded 2003 | 8 employees

Anne E. Beall, Ph.D., CEO

We are a strategic market research firm that specializes in identifying the underlying drivers of behavior – which are often emotional – and measuring them quantitatively. We have discovered that consumers don’t think their way through the marketplace; they feel their way through it. We have a model based on numerous studies and thousands of respondents that explains why people buy, why they are loyal and why they advocate and recommend certain brands. Our model has been successfully used to assess brand health, determine key measures for brand-tracking studies and improve communications. We also help our clients optimize their products and pricing and we specialize in identifying meaningful consumer segments that can be targeted with products and messaging.

Phone 1-312-384-1214www.beallrt.com

Founded 2012 | 35 employees

Matt Gaffney, CEO

Reliable insights require reliable data. Branded Research offers on-demand audience solutions to enterprises across the globe – all intelligently powered by AI and a UX-driven community. Through proven and innovative methods, as well as proprie...