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Johanna Faigelman is the founding partner and CEO of HumanBranding.

Johanna Faigelman

Founding Partner, CEO – HumanBranding Inc.

Johanna Faigelman is the founding partner and CEO of HumanBranding, a full-service qualitative market research consultancy, globally recognized as a leader in human insights. As a veteran marketer with 20+ years of strategic brand-building experience, and a graduate degree in cultural anthropology, she has pioneered Applied Anthropology Thinking™ – a proprietary approach that pairs the application of anthropology with her expertise in business development, strategy and marketing. This marks a departure from the conventional approach to marketing and allows brands to meet their customer on a more human level. Johanna’s innate understanding of what drives people’s behavior allows her to unearth new and previously untapped insights, which she then translates into game-changing business and brand strategies. A highly sought-after contributor and speaker, Johanna has published several articles and lectured at industry conferences. Her unique anthropologically driven expertise has directly contributed to HumanBranding’s growing global client roster extending across consumer goods and biotech/pharma, including partnerships with four of the top five pharmaceutical companies and the No. 1 CPG company worldwide.