Editor’s note: Jessica Sage is marketing and events director, Women in Research, Bend, Ore. This is an edited version of a post that originally appeared under the title, “Join the Fight: An Anti-Oppression Resource Guide for the #MRX Industry.” WIRe’s team will be updating the original post with additional resources as time goes on.

This blog post was written after a week of global demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism, but we would be remiss to ignore the legacy of labor put forth by communities of color that has led us to the crux of change we now find ourselves in. Many of us are just starting a journey toward action; for white folks, we’ve often been able to donate occasionally, show up when convenient and assume the power was out of our control. Now, we’re being asked by our Black friends, family, coworkers and community to authentically and purposefully stand alongside the work they’ve been doing. There is no turning back to absolve our guilt, there is only charging forward to strengthen the cause.

The guide below is intended to address all of those joining the fight against oppression from whatever place we might find ourselves in. Not all of us will be on the front line but each and every one of us can contribute to the eradication of systemic racism every single day.

There is no official guide to being an ally – it’s something we learn and adapt to every day. The journey starts when you make a commitment to change. Things to remember:

We can’t express just how many resources are being shared right now but we know it is not always easy to find them. Together, we have the tools and energy to uplift and empower each and every member of our community and to be better allies. We believe in the collective will to change and commit to seeing it through, together.

Voices and organizations to follow and support

For those who can’t donate but want to help (from...