Text Analysis Platform 

Canvs AI dashboards.

Canvs AI is a high-trust AI insights platform that unlocks actionable behavioral and emotional understanding from unstructured feedback. Canvs is used by insights and CX teams at top brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Fossil Group, Merlin Entertainments and Tillamook to accelerate insights discovery from unstructured feedback, power data-driven storytelling and boost research productivity. 

How Canvs AI works

1. Ingest unstructured data (along with closed-ended quantitative data) from practically any source into the Canvs platform (via upload or pre-built connects to popular data sources).

2. Canvs AI automatically generates a narrative overview with citations and data quantification and identifies key topics, emotions and themes (i.e., net and codes).

3. Ask AI Story Assist™, Canvs’ generative AI research sidekick, custom business questions to explore the data and build an insights narrative. 

4. Share critical insights with stakeholders via an interactive dashboard or complete exports in a range of formats. 

Take an interactive product tour at canvs.ai/product-tour or put Canvs AI to the test with your own data. Learn more at canvs.ai.


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