Hear from Anheuser-Busch InBev, Toyota and GfK

As people’s lives and decisions grow more complex, brands need to reach for a new level of insight – to anticipate consumers’ fast-changing needs and fully resonate with their hopes and dreams.

At the core of every consumer choice lies their values – deeply held concerns and beliefs that fundamentally root lifestyle choices and consumption decisions. When brands tap into these powerful motivators, they connect with people in ways that transcend fads and crises and build unshakeable loyalty.

In an all-new learning session, experts from Anheuser-Busch InBev, Toyota and GfK Consumer Life will show you how to leverage consumer values for your brands – to guide product strategy, shape powerful messaging and define opportunity spaces in almost any category.

This interactive session will help you:

  • Go beyond demographics to create richer connections with consumers.
  • Bridge geographies by focusing on universal concerns and needs.
  • Expand and deepen custom segmentations and other research by linking them to a values perspective. 

Join us for this practical, super-relevant session and discover new ways to understand and touch your most important consumer targets!

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