AI-Enabled Coding Platform

Codeit platform page.codeit is a leading verbatim coding tool. It blends cutting-edge AI with human oversight to maximize quality, improve productivity and minimize effort.

Using the latest AI techniques, codeit automatically extracts themes from your verbatim data at the click of a button. Themes can be used to autogenerate a codeframe and autocode your data. The results are easy to analyze and explore using our themeit tool.

codeit’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to refine and curate the autogenerated results, allowing real people to always stay in control of the process. 

As you refine and code your data, codeit automatically learns by example. By applying advanced deep learning, it seamlessly builds a continuously improving AI model to better understand the nuances of your data, boosting automation on large or continuous projects.

codeit has a range of flexible features you can use to accurately and efficiently analyze your verbatim data, regardless of the size or shape of your survey, including sentiment analysis, data integration, team collaboration and multilingual autotranslations. Used by market research agencies, coding providers and in-house researchers the world over.

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