The Marketing Research Event (TMRE) was held on November 14-16, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas. The sessions included a variety of presentations ranging from multiculturalism and DEI to corporate ethnography studies and building brand trust. 

ITN Head of Diversity and Inclusion Lucile Kamar kicked off track two on day one by focusing on multicultural consumers. She offered the top 10 benefits of diversity within the workplace which included a variety of different perspectives, higher employee engagement, a reduced employee turnover rate and a better company reputation. 

She also explained that the industry is beginning to shift to be representative of more consumers, but the end goal has not been met. Although consumers want brands and companies to make statements and take a stand on social issues, they want them to be authentic about it. Now more than ever, it is easy to see what companies are doing behind the scenes. How are they treating their employees? What companies are they donating to and not disclosing? A lack of authenticity can alter a customer's view of the brand or company.

Associate Director of Insights at Sargento Michelle Birschbach and SVP of CultureBeat, C+R Research Jorge Martinez Bonilla focused on multiculturalism within a marketing team. They established that it is important to foster discussions about culture to build empathy and awareness. 

Communicating with multicultural consumers is key to gaining insights and getting to know them better. Teams must also know how to apply the insights they receive. Within the team, you must have real conversations. They may be uncomfortable or difficult, but they lead to progress within the multicultural sector. 

Throughout many sessions, the concept of building trust was emphasized. If a consumer does not trust a brand, company success may be extremely difficult. eBay Vice President of Global Consumer Insights Thomas Walker and B...