Opportunities and Challenges of In-the-Moment Feedback Using Location and Beacon Triggering

Editor's note: Confirmit held a webinar on the opportunities and challenges of in-the-moment feedback using location and beacon triggering. Duration 54:54. 

We are seeing a month-on-month increase in the number of people completing surveys on mobile devices. As a result, market research organizations are now offering a mobile and customized branded experience to their panelists in the form of dedicated mobile apps.

A dedicated mobile app encourages a high-quality mobile panel experience to all research participants, as well as encouraging wider engagement with panelists at a time and place convenient to them. It also brings new business opportunities and challenges to panel companies by allowing them to design mobile engagements based on panelist’s contextual location.

The use of beacon and location triggering feedback is one of the latest trends and presents a great opportunity for market research organizations. Mobile panel apps using beacon and GPS technology are able to detect the location of a respondent within a few meters and this is a key enabler for the delivery of highly relevant contextual surveys.

In this Webinar, Miguel Ramos and Holly DeMuro discussed how to understand beacon and location triggering technologies and how they can be applied by market research organizations to deliver innovative services.


  • Miguel Ramos, mobile practice lead, Confirmit. 
  • Holly DeMuro, product marketing manager, Confirmit.