How Global Consumers are Spending in a Time of Uncertainty 

Editor's note: On September 21, 2022 dynata gave a webinar on a study they did on consumers changing spending habits due to the cos of living crisis. Duration 23:05.

Dynata's logo. The tsunami of troubling news surrounding the state of the global economy reflects the struggles of many consumers, who face waves of financial obstacles. People are pessimistic about economic conditions around the world — and perception matters: almost half believe we’re in a recession and a majority say their national leaders aren’t doing enough to fight rising costs. Drawing on Dynata’s latest research conducted among 11,000+ consumers across 11 countries.

Join this webinar to find out how consumers around the world are adjusting their behavior to better adapt to and prepare for an uncertain future.  

Key takeaways:

  • Making Ends Meet: Discover how many consumers are struggling to afford basic needs. To what extent and which items are they most struggling to afford?  
  • Consumption Cuts & Changes: Understand what people are doing to cope with climbing costs. How are they adjusting their overall spending patterns? What purchases are they eliminating most frequently?   
  • When It’s Worth Paying More: Learn what products and services consumers remain willing to spend extra on — and what reasons are driving these behaviors.

Presenter: Nicole Mitchell, Senior Knowledge Specialist at Dynata.