Emotion AI: Adding 3As (Accuracy, Agility, Actionability) to Consumer Research

Editor's note: Entropik Tech held a webinar on July 28, 2021, focusing on actionability, agility and accuracy.

An average customer is exposed to more than 4,000 ads a day and has 12 choices for the same product. Moreover, 95% of their purchase decisions are made by the subconscious mind. So, the modern-day customer is not only distracted and overwhelmed with choices but also makes most purchase decisions subconsciously. IDIs, FGDs and CLTs might not be the best ways to understand the complex mind of this modern-day consumer because they are not accurate, bias-free or actionable enough. 

Emotion AI is solving these long-standing problems by augmenting the traditional methods of consumer research. With more than 90% accuracy and computer-vision-based methods, emotion insights are making it easy for brands to humanize their media, digital and shopper experiences – building a positive emotional connection with their customers and increasing conversions. 

Join Lava Kumar, CPO and founder of Entropik Tech, as he talks about:

  • Introducing emotion AI to consumer research.
  • Augmenting traditional methods with emotion AI.
  • 3As of emotion AI: Accuracy, agility and actionability.
  • Facial coding, eye-tracking, voice AI and brainwave mapping
  • Seeing emotion AI in action: A live demo


Lava Kumar, CPO and Founder, Entropik Tech