Behavioral Insights Platform

Exactly 10 years ago, Olivier Tilleuil set a unique challenge: he wanted to bypass the inbuilt limitation and low predictive power of surveys and focus groups by making behavioral methods less cumbersome and more commercially viable. A simple, yet brilliant idea of using widely available webcams on the respondents’ devices made the need for central location testing obsolete. This turned highly predictive eye tracking, facial coding and virtual shopping into scalable options for brands across industries.

Today, we have over 150 insights, data and business experts based in seven global footholds who are bound by agility and ambition to be on the frontline of consumer behavior knowledge. 

EyeSee laptop and mobile phone showing full-service approach.

EyeSee’s research formula is based on three ingredients: 

  1. A unique combination of methods – A mix of proprietary behavioral and conventional methods delivers actionable insights with higher predictive power.
  2. Ready-to-use testing environments – Immersive shelf and store contexts, as well as major social media feeds allow for a natural shopping experience for respondents, and therefore, insight into more authentic behavior.
  3. Client co-creation – Each project pushes us to develop new, smarter insights solutions. 

We helped over 50% of the top 30 CPG brands, media, tech and health care companies grow their businesses by testing in 50+ markets with an end-to-end project mentality. This highly adaptive formula is used for testing packs, planograms, online paths-to-purchase, claims, social media ads, TVCs and many more.

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