Kickstarting your career: Five reasons to join the marketing research and insights industry

Alexandra Marseu is the talent acquisition partner at Human8. This is an edited version of an article titled “Is market research a good career? Trust us, we know it is.” 

People are often skeptical about working in marketing research because they don’t think it’s exciting or ambitious enough. We’re here to show you that working in marketing research is much more than the numbers. We bring the numbers to life, showing the people behind the data, completely fascinated by what makes them tick. More than that, we help brands understand what matters and take action to drive positive change. 

Five reasons why you should choose a career in marketing research

1. It focuses on people: Who they are, what drives them and what defines them

We are obsessed with understanding people – what drives and defines them, how they make decisions and how brands can support their needs. All companies have customers in some way and being able to see things from their point of view will set you far apart from those who don’t know their consumers at all. It’s the difference between marketing to people and mattering to people.  

2. Learning opportunities: You’ll learn from the best brands and individuals 

In what other job do you get to work hand in hand with some of the greatest brands in the world? Think Samsung, L’Oréal, McDonald’s and Heineken to Philips and Volkswagen. Getting the right people in your corner and understanding their processes, how they make decisions and how they show up in the market is an experience that will be valuable throughout your entire future career.  

3. Improve your skills: Refine your consulting capabilities

While we breath insights, we’re changemakers at heart. A big part of the role is inspiring clients to take action based on your research. Learning to bring a presentation to life and advocate for your consumer sharpens your consulting skills and you’ll become a confident speaker and debater. Presenting your ideas like a pro is something that will benefit you wherever your career takes you.  

4. Experience a variety of industries and global projects

Every day there’s something new. We go from FMCG and retail, to travel, to media, to health care and back again…all in one day. You’ll work on global projects, connecting with people from all over the world. Understanding different audiences will turn you into a must have asset for any company.

5. Stay on top of the trends: Understand the technological and social developments 

Marketing research is going at lightning speed, constantly changing with developments in the technological and social landscapes. You’ll be able to discover new tools and methods firsthand but, being new to the industry, you also bring fresh ideas and perspectives. There’s plenty of room at the table to bring your ideas to life and see them grow up. It’s like living the life of an entrepreneur with everything you need to make it a success.

A career in market research is much more than statistics and numbers. It’s about people. We’re the ones getting the world’s best brands closer to their audiences and we’re the ones helping them do what matters. If you’ve ever been curious about why people do what they do or why some ads hit home and some don’t, a job in marketing research might just be your thing.