Serving up menu strategy

Editor's Note: Focus Brands and Curion shred how they elevated Focus Brands' menu strategy in their webinar on May 18, 2022. Duration: 37:51.

Focus Brands and Curion's opening slide for their webinar on elevating innovation.Focus Brands’ goal is to elevate the role of menu strategy and development by enabling consistency and scalability with appropriate tools and process to better predict success and drive toward business results. Food and beverage is the key driver of differentiation and relevance of a brand in our industry. 

In this webinar, learn how Focus Brands created a consistent way to approach menu strategy and innovation across seven brands through menu strategy and innovation stage gate playbooks, utilizing the support system of category, enterprise, and cross-functional teams. 

Throughout the case study presentation, learn how Curion supported Focus Brands throughout the entire stage gate process, providing qualitative and quantitative methods to capture consumers’ insights and help brand teams to turn those insights into action.  

Key Takeaways:    

  • Enabling and building discipline through consistent menu strategy and stage gate processes and tools to be leveraged across brands allows for greater predictors of success and scale. 
  • Consistency is achievable and scalable across a wide array of brands when it comes to applying research throughout the stage-gate process. 
  • Collaboration yields the dual benefit of internal customer confidence and more predictive testing. 


  • Mitsi Portwood, Director of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives, Focus Brands.
  • Valerie Cansler, VP, Client Services – South, Curion.