Learn How Valspar Gained Deep Consumer Understanding Around A Reemerging Category Using Quick Reads

Editor's note: GutCheck and Valspar gave a webinar on gaining deep consumer insight using quick reads on August 27. 2015. Duration 39:58. 

Valspar had a hypothesis they wanted to validate, not only internally, but also with their valued retailer, about the potential for a reemerging category. With a meeting fast approaching, they needed rapid insights, and their traditional methods couldn’t produce results within the shortened time frame.

Instead of assuming research would be impossible, Valspar utilized GutCheck’s quick consumer reads and was able to change the game by uncovering unmet needs and incremental consumers in the reemerging category. This consumer understanding gave them the confidence they needed to change the discussion with the retailer and internal sales teams.


  • Matt Warta, CEO, GutCheck. 
  • Brian Ley, director of consumer and marketplace insights, Valspar.