Quick Read Research - Enabling Teams to Rapidly Answer Key Business Questions

Editor's note: GutCheck hosted a webinar on enabling teams to rapidly answer key business questions on April 22, 2015. Duration 51:20.

As we enter 2015, the market research industry continues to quickly change and advance. Researchers and marketers are faced with full schedules, tight budgets and short timelines, and they not only have to manage their planned research, but handle those un-planned or last-minute questions that come up as well.

Leveraging quick consumer reads enable research teams to take an agile approach to rapidly answer key business questions, even if they arise unexpectedly.

In this Webinar, we’ll share how quick reads paired with an agile partner will take away the “go with your gut” method and instead let you make consumer driven decisions. Whether your business questions are part of a learning plan or in response to an unexpected outcome, or a great idea from senior leadership, you’ll have the tools you need to make a decision and move forward with confidence.

Key takeaways:

  • Hear how quick consumer reads are changing the impact research can have on vital business decisions.
  • See how some companies are leveraging quick consumer reads to meet their research goals without sacrifice.
  • Learn how pairing quick read qualitative and quantitative solutions empower teams with consumer feedback and answers to those planned and last minute questions.


  • Matt Warta, CEO, GutCheck.
  • Lisa O'Connor, Director of Client Services, GutCheck.