How Should Brands Engage in Political and Social Causes?

Editor's note: Heart+Mind Strategies gave a webinar discussing how brands should engage political and social causes on Sept. 20, 2018. Duration 1:01:00.

Companies and brands are under great pressure to take strong stances on policy and social issues in today’s turbulent political climate. But should they? 

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about key factors that go into deciding how your brand should react to political and social issues including: 

  • General political market sizing, giving you a better idea of the magnitude of consumers motivated by political and social stances of brands 
  • The importance of mapping your brand’s consumer values to the values associated with a particular stance of policy position 
  • Research techniques that inform and validate corporate stances on divisive issues 

Heart+Mind Strategies’ Senior Consultant for Public Policy, Erin Norman, will use Fortune 500 and non-profit case studies to illustrate how and why brands and organizations should choose stances on public policy issues and the right way to gather intelligence needed to make those decisions.


  • Erin Norman, senior consultant for public policy, Heart+Mind Strategies.