Editor's Note: Heart+Mind had a panel discussion on how to reconnect with CPG consumers on June 21, 2019. Duration 57:47. 

Understanding and responding to the changing needs of consumers has always been at the core of what we do in the CPG industry. 

But today’s always-on, always connected, always searching, getting smaller, never stopping world has created a new dynamic in consumer desire. They not only want more, they expect more out of the CPG brands they choose. Real, lasting benefits. Personalized experiences. An authentic story. Full transparency. Sustainability. They want it all. And they want it all now (as in two-hour delivery). 

So how do we attract and (re)connect with consumers in this world of near constant disruption? 

Watch a panel of experts from Heart+Mind Strategies as they share their ideas for and experiences with creating meaningful, human connections with today’s CPG consumer. The panel will share their perspectives as well as case studies.

You will come away from this video with concrete ideas for ways you can better connect with today’s in-charge CPG consumer.