Editor's note: Stephen Griffiths is consumer insights director at UnitedHealthcare (Level2) and a co-founder of ICN. Brian Fowler is a strategy consultant and co-founder of ICN. Caitlin van Niekerk is client development manager at Quantilope and an ICN member.

As the hiring landscape evolves, what are the newest trends among hiring managers, specifically those in marketing research? What best practices should job seekers and hiring managers follow during the hiring process in 2023? 

The Insights Career Network (ICN) – a peer-to-peer volunteer community of over 800 insights professionals – conducted a series of 17 interviews with recruiters and hiring managers to answer these questions. The interviews revealed some intriguing insights about case study interviews, the evolution of remote work and the use of automatic video interviews, along with specific tips for seekers and recruiters.

Growth of case study interviews. While behavioral interview questions are still the mainstay of the interview process, what is emerging is a new kind of interview: the case study. Rather than being asked to recount a past experience, interviewees are asked to do hands-on work: analyze and summarize data, create a presentation to present during a panel interview or create a learning plan for a senior-level audience. While this type of interview can be polarizing – many job seekers feel that these in-depth presentations include work they should be paid for – it is nonetheless popular among many hiring managers. One hiring manager put it this way, “I find I absolutely need case studies for individual contributors. By using a case study, for example, I learned that someone didn’t have the necessary quant skills. In short, we found things that were not uncovered any other way.” 

Hybrid is the new normal, though research partners are more likely to offer remote options. In our interviews, we consistently found that hyb...