Editor's note: Automated speech-to-text transcription, edited lightly for clarity. 

At The Quirk’s Event - LA, Roku’s Senior Consumer Insights Manager, Danielle Blugrind, gave a presentation on how she and her colleagues created an omnichannel shopper insights practice This session was recorded and then re-broadcasted on March 15 during Wisdom Wednesday. 

Joe Rydholm:

Hi everybody, I'm Quirks editor, Joe Rydholm. Welcome to our webinar, “Follow That Shopper! How We Built an Omnichannel Shopper Insights Practice at Roku.” This is a recording of a session from the Quirks Los Angeles event in February. And if you're a client side researcher and you'd like more information about speaking at an upcoming Quirk’s event, please reach out to meat joe@quirks.com and then my contact information will also be available in the chat tab during the session. Speaking of the chat tab, if you'd like to interact with other attendees, you can use the chat tab to post your comments during the session and you can also use the Q&A tab to submit questions to the presenter during the session. And we'll answer as many as possible during the Q&A portion afterwards. Enjoy the presentation!

Danielle Blugrind:

Okay, according to my trustee iPhone, it's 11:00 a.m. and I'm gonna start because I know me and I talk a lot, so I wanna go ahead and fill up the half hour. 

So welcome, thank you for being here to talk about Roku and shopper research. I'm really excited to be here at Quirk’s again this year. 

I'm going to talk to you about how I built a omnichannel shopper research program at Roku, but first I have to start with this cuz everyone always says ‘Roku, where did that name come from? What does Roku stand for?’ 

And so I always give everybody the little trivia piece, which is Anthony Wood, who started our company, first developed the Roku streaming product as part of Netflix. He was working for Reed...