Now, Next, Future… Navigating Your Business to a New Normal

Editor's note: Ignite 360's webinar on May 15, 2020, focused on consumer behaviors now and how to approach the future. 

What’s next? How do brands and businesses navigate the path forward? What are consumers thinking and feeling in this rapidly changing pandemic environment. Strategy and insights firm Ignite 360, advisers to both leading Fortune 100 and emerging brands, will share the latest, up-to-date insights and recommendations from its integrated qual/quant longitudinal U.S.-based study: Navigating to a New Normal. 

  • Now: Where are consumers right now and how are they thinking and behaving around shopping, leisure activities, technology, media consumption and the state of their lives and the pandemic world.
  • Next: How are consumers responding to the relaxing of shelter-in-place rules? What new behaviors are they embracing? What activities and behaviors are they first to resume? Which will continue on from shelter-in-place?
  • Future: The road to recovery is going to be long. How should brands be thinking about recession-proofing their business? What are consumers thinking about the future and their own attitudes and behaviors? Which attitudes and behaviors will resume as they were and which will be new? 

Rob Volpe, CEO, Ignite 360  
Lisa Osborne, COO, Ignite 360
James Turner, CEO, delineate