Editor's note: Catherine Gutierrez is VP of marketing at Irvine, Calif.-based marketing research company MFour Mobile Research.

It’s here.

California finally has a reopen date – June 15, 2021 – a full 15 months from the start of statewide lockdowns. There will be rules, of course. But it’s a beacon of hope, one that buyers have been waiting a year for.

Let’s see their feedback and get a few stats on the consumers we surveyed, who live in California.

A full 56% say: this is it.

They believe California will meet its projected date of June 15 and fully reopen. And 47% are in favor of the date. Within this group, 28% “strongly agree” with the decision and feel that “it’s about time.”

But not everyone agrees.

Those who are uncomfortable just aren’t ready – 74% of this group say they want to know that COVID-19 is no longer a threat before the state reopens. That may not be possible. Many expect the virus to be a problem as long as there are variants, plane rides and delays in vaccination.1 There’s still a lot to study.

Yet, consumers have hope.

As of this article, 29% have been vaccinated.

It’s helping them to feel safe. A full 77% who’ve had the vaccine feel good about a reopening. There’s a correlation here between having the vaccine and being ready for the state to reopen.

And many more have plans to get it.

In fact, 57% who haven’t had the vaccine have plans to get it. Their timing is good. Starting April 15, all Californians ages 16 and above are eligible to get the shot(s),2 meaning anyone who wants it will be able to get it. Based on what we’re seeing, that fact will go a long way to helping Californians feel comfortable with the state’s plans.

They’re making up for lost time.

Californians want to spend. It’s why 60% plan to go back to places they visited before the pandemic started – as early as a few weeks after the r...