A survey from Toluna shows 75% of Americans are optimistic about the future. But, despite the recent approval of a new stimulus package, 54% are still concerned about their financial security and 39% say they are less well-off now than before the pandemic.

As the economy begins to open up and restrictions ease, 46% of Americans plan to go shopping in stores in the next few months, compared to 37% who plan to shop online. Food habits are also changing. Forty-four percent plan to go out to dinner in the coming months, with 35% saying they have missed the social aspect of eating out. Forty-five percent say they will continue to cook and eat at home.

The survey was conducted from February 25 – March 3, 2021. 

Small businesses will take different approaches to office space depending on company needs, according to Clutch's survey of 500 small business owners and managers. Thirty-five percent of small businesses own office space while 33% lease office space and 21% don’t own or lease office space at all. For the smallest businesses, especially, remote work is becoming more popular and widespread – 59% of small businesses currently without office space do not plan to invest in it in the future. For companies seeking flexibility and community, coworking is an option – 10% of small businesses have a contract with a coworking space. Small businesses with office space leases will continue to adjust their real estate plans throughout 2021. Thirty-three percent of small businesses that lease office space plan to bring all employees back to the office in 2021, while 32% plan to bring some employees back to in-person work and 15% plan to downsize.

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