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Agile research platform

Question everything with OnePulse, the agile insights platform that helps you validate ideas and get the answers you need in minutes, not weeks. Turn research into an ongoing conversation by connecting with an always-on community of 600,000+ global consumers who are motivated and rewarded for sharing their honest opinions. Boasting an industry-crushing survey completion rate of 40%, dig even deeper into the “why” behind your data by re-targeting respondents as many times as you want. 

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With the OnePulse platform, you can eliminate traditional market research obstacles. 

  • Quickly deliver critical information with confidence. Build, launch and analyze survey results all in the same day.
  • Speak directly to the people that matter most to your business. Create a custom target audience using 65+ demographic and lifestyle filters. 
  • Keep a pulse on the opinions and actions of your audience at all times. Monitor how your brand is perceived and track the purchase behaviors of customers.
  • Capture consumers’ attention throughout the buyer’s journey. Verify that your creative assets resonate with your audience before launching your next campaign.
  • Become a consumer-centric brand. Focus on what works by involving consumers early and often in the product development process.

What do you want to know right now? Start getting real answers from real people today by visiting OnePulse.com.