Respondent Recruiting System

OpinionWizard is more than a web survey platform. It’s an end-to-end recruiting system designed to maximize recruiting center efficiency while improving recruiting and panel quality.

Reduced management time:

  • Instant “client-ready” profile and dialing reports.
  • Automated quota control and two-way confirmation and reminders are customized for each project.

Reduced recruiting hours:

  • Callback appointments pop-up when due.
  • Full survey display for recruiters to review during recruitment.
  • Optional: Full self-scheduling dramatically reduces recruiting hours.

Survey system designed for recruiting:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn survey system. 
  • Target respondents using keywords from prior screeners.
  • Hidden questions only visible to recruiters.
  • Easy quota setting on single or multiple questions.
  • Survey system can also collect homework including audio, photos and videos.

Contact management system – Reduces recruiting cost:

  • Pre-qualified respondents are automatically presented for calling, eliminating the need to filter and distribute sample.
  • Recruiters can view in survey format for validation and to ask hidden questions.
  • Distributes call-ins across your team avoiding time-wasting telephone tag.

Respondent database – Improves panel quality.

  • Customizable data points. Add categories and question as needed.
  • Families are linked together ­­– helpful when recruiting pairs and preventing duplicates.
  • Validates e-mail, phone and address to prevent cheaters.

Additional features

  • Client database.
  • Employee database.
  • Project quoting system that integrates with QuickBooks for invoicing.

OpinionWizard Recruiting System by OpinionTek logo.