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Agile research helps teams achieve better results by delivering outcomes to their customers iteratively based on consumer feedback. To reap these benefits, the process needs to be simple, efficient and a positive experience for respondents. Schlesinger Group makes that possible with two agile research technologies: QualBoard and Methodify.  

Schlesinger Group Agile Research


Gain valuable information from your target audience, conveniently and without slowing down your research process with QualBoard, Schlesinger Group’s online discussion technology. Focused respondents participate on their own schedules, providing you with more in-depth answers. Plus, you don’t have to be physically present, which cuts down on travel costs and project timelines. You can count on built-in automation and AI, which allows you to stay focused on the research without getting bogged down with the iterative parts of the process. QualBoard puts agile, qualitative research at your fingertips.


Develop products, services or campaigns intelligently with a quantitative agile research toolkit that incorporates the voice of the customer earlier and on more projects. Methodify, Schlesinger Group’s automated quantitative research engine, simplifies project setup and provides results in hours so your focus stays on delivering valuable insights rather than fieldwork. Keep your process moving without compromising on quality by enabling more team members to create or view projects. Empower your organization to make reliable, data-driven decisions with Methodify.

Agile research technology checklist

  • Customizable solutions
  • Streamlined setup process
  • Easily shareable results
  • Quick project turnaround
  • Positive respondent experience