Editor’s note: MESH Experience is the winner of the 2022 Marketing Research Supplier of the Year (2021 revenue below $10 million) Award which is a category in the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards. To find out more about the awards click here.

MESH Experience was founded on an innovative concept – capturing the whole customer experience – but following a tough pandemic, the team re-grouped and invested in its growth plan, putting it on track to deliver over 42% revenue growth 2022 vs. 2021. Collaboration – through client, partner and team experiences – is fundamental. The company demonstrated its agility when it began pivoting to offer weekly insight to banks during the pandemic free of charge. An award-winning, diverse-owned business, MESH launched a diverse-owned insight consultancy network, Diversity Unlimited, in June 2022.

Our goal in taking on a new client is simply to help them achieve their goals. It sounds intuitive, but we are focused on helping clients think beyond a research project and instead to think about brand and strategy goals and growth and how each insight and learning will build toward these. For example, when we started working with Fidelity International five years ago, we wanted to help Jet Cooke, marketing director at Fidelity, to embed her new strategy through providing the campaign evaluation data to keep the company aligned. She grew revenue +350%.  A client’s success is our success. Most of us have “experience” in our job titles and this is to remind us that our partnership and the experience we have as a team is paramount. In providing marketing effectiveness solutions, we like to go on a marketing road trip together, to be there at each twist and turn of the journey as we help our client achieve their goals.

A dynamite team. A team with the expertise and attitude to quickly respond to the client, whatever situation they are facing. One that is accountab...