Maximize Your Investment in Online Digital and Social Media

Editor's note: Radius Global Market Research gave a webinar on investing in online and digital social media on May 21, 2013. Duration 47:44. 

Marketers continue to increase investments in online digital and social media. However, often the returns on these investments are not clear. New research from Radius Global Market Research serves to shed light on the topic by exploring the usage of online and social media channels specifically around the purchase process across a number of  key product and service categories. The results of the research will help marketers to right size the usage of these emerging channels relative to the specific category they serve.

Key takeaways: 

  • How online digital channels (such as blogs, search engines, QR codes and online forums) and social media (such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) are used specifically to inform or influence purchase decisions across popular product and service categories.
  • The perceived value of several online digital and social media channels on purchase decisions, by category.
  • Which categories are best positioned to leverage social media conversations to boost sales and why.
  • The near-term adoption potential for online digital and social media, by category.


  • Jamie Myers, director, client services, Radius Global Market Research.
  • Glenn Staada, vice president, Radius Global Market Research.