January is no stranger to prediction articles. In fact, you can find several on Quirks.com (including the January/February issue of the magazine)! But this year, as our team began sifting through prediction posts – general and industry-specific – we found ourselves wondering what our industry partners were hoping and preparing for in 2022. What were their goals for their communities – and the industry at large? How were they preparing to better serve their members in 2022? What challenges did they expect their members to face? 

Each year, Quirk’s partners with marketing research and insight associations and organizations that share our goal of taking the industry to a new level of excellence. Partners were given the opportunity to respond to one of two questions: 

Below you will find a compilation of their responses (edited for length and clarity – shared in alphabetical order by organization name). We hope this list inspires you to reflect on your own hopes and goals for the industry in 2022. 

“The No. 1 goal of AURA is to provide the forums for our members to share ideas, gain support and learn from the AURA community, and network with their peers in the research industry. It is incumbent upon AURA, as a membership body of client-side researchers, to ensure that our members receive the necessary support to help them deal with the new challenges they are experiencing both during and after the COVID pandemic.” 

– Tim Steere, chair, AURA

“This year will hopefully see an improvement in employee experience across the community. Employee discontent is a much-overlooked facet of poor business health, which could translate to grievous outcomes for any organization. Employee experience should be a management-level issue, ensuring that employees are consistently kept at the top of the agenda. 

“Uncertain times can be inhibiting because they test human resilience, but also catalyze a...