Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

WED10:001VMH Qualitative ResearchBeing human: How to traverse highly emotional territory in marketing research
WED10:002Cambridge University Press & AssessmentLeveraging a global brand tracker within a complex organization
WED10:003VodafoneChanging hearts and minds in the home connectivity category: Leveling up digital experience by building a beta community
WED10:004(Formerly) Carlsberg & InterContinental Hotels Group, Virgin Media/O2Recruiting and retaining a world-class insights team for a disruptive world – a guide for insights leaders
WED10:005Nexxt Intelligence | inca, Kimberly ClarkScaling the why: How Kimberly Clark is using conversational AI to blend qual with quant
WED10:451CambriUsing AI to drive stronger product performance: Learn how top CPG brands like Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Nestlé use AI to guide, predict and improve their innovation success
WED10:452Nestle, Insight Management AcademyTransforming the impact of insight at Nestlé UK&I
WED10:453Borderless Access, Reputation Leaders LtdFinding the diamonds in B2B research
WED10:454SKIM, Guide DogsForecasting demand for Guide Dogs 15 years into the future
WED10:455Market Research Society (MRS), IpsosResearch in the U.K. and the BEST approach to AI
WED11:301dtectThe true cost of (poor) quality: How fraud and bad data impact the bottom line and send clients packing
WED11:302Kokoro Global, WhitbreadPlugging into people and pushing boundaries: Driving commercial impact
WED11:303Roche Pharma AG, StravitoHow Roche works against insights inflation
WED11:304The Leeds Building Society, Vue International, AURA InsightImproving well-being in research: The AURA Working Well Together Charter (panel discussion)
WED11:305FlexMRCustomer salience: The road to insight driven decision-making
WED12:151GWIGen Z in their quarter-life crisis era
WED12:152FT LongitudeResearch that tells a story
WED12:153Zappi, DiageoFrom testing to learning: How Diageo used consumer feedback to expand in Africa
WED12:154Findus, GetWhyThe future of consumer-led marketing: How AI is changing the game with insights and empathy
WED12:155NichefirePredicting the pulse of the world: Understand culture with generative AI and predictive analytics
WED1:451Latana, Emma SleepHow can we fix brand tracking? The future of measuring brand perception
WED1:452Kantar, Kraft HeinzPartnering with Kraft Heinz to innovate into new spaces
WED1:453aimpower, DecodeThe science behind how we buy and how to predict it with AI
WED1:454Warner Bros. DiscoveryIntegrating social listening into the research toolkit
WED1:455StatistaWhat's next in AI: 2025 trends and predictions
WED2:301Emotional LogicHow to increase in-store campaign effectiveness – lessons learned from the British Heart Foundation study
WED2:302Arden and GEM CSU and Midlands and Lancashire CSUEmpowering the patient voice: How NHS organizations harness qualitative analysis software to analyze patient and public feedback
WED2:303The Wendy’s Company, aytmResearch with international flavor: Wendy’s shares recipes for successful studies around the world
WED2:304BTApplying the MRS client-side EDI best practice guidelines
WED2:305revuze.itUnderstanding the consumer world at the speed of online reviews
WED3:151Trinity McQueen, Sign SaladThe invisible opportunity: Reconnecting with your lost audience
WED3:152Toluna, MARS WRIGLEY, MARS SnackingAvengers assemble: Putting the Marvel superhero strategy at the center of Mars sensory insights to drive winning innovations
WED3:153Pentland Brands, ImpactSenseUsing segmentation as an engine for growth and regeneration
WED3:154Dig Insights, Pernod RicardFueling disruptive innovation: In conversation with Pernod Ricard
WED3:155Mobile Digital Insights LimitedIs it time to fire the qual team? The role of AI in qualitative moderation – a head-to-head case study
WED4:001PepsiCo, Woxi Inc.How PepsiCo and Woxi have changed the innovation game with next-generation predictive analytics
WED4:002Dynata, VisaUnlocking strategic opportunities with B2B customers: How Visa are partnering with Dynata to empower SMBs across Europe in their digital transformation
WED4:003ProQuo AIGame-changer or gimmick: Do celebrity partnerships really work?
WED4:004Virgin Atlantic, Insight Management AcademyTransforming insight at Virgin Atlantic
WED4:005Qudo, CintHow reaching niche audiences brings you closer to your consumers
WED4:451Bolt Insight, Whyte & MackayDecoding Scotch: Unveiling consumer perceptions in the world of whiskey
WED4:452Nest, Human8'The best half an hour I’ve spent': Customer closeness in a low-engagement category
WED4:453EyeSeeInsights-driven TikTok creative guidance: How to leverage platform features
WED4:454Relative Insight, OomphRun programmes, not projects to really make an impact
WED4:455E-Tabs, BVA BDRCAutomated innovation: Greater efficiencies for client reporting
THUR10:001AXA UKNavigating the impacts of the rising cost of living: The AXA Customer Lifestyle Report
THUR10:002Dunelm, BoxcleverUnboxing beautiful insights: Dunelm's segmentation revolution
THUR10:003Inspirient GmbH, De Beers GroupFinding the diamond in the rough: Surfacing trends in the jewelry market through automated analytics
THUR10:004Perfetti van Melle, Anthony Wells Associates Limited, The ForgeThe CMO perspective: How to create consumer value in a rapidly changing world
THUR10:005FFINDExtended reality meets market research: Introducing Rexee
THUR10:451Kantar ProfilesPanel fraudsters uncovered: An in-depth look at who they are and their impact on your investment
THUR10:452Emotional Logic Ltd, Coventry Building Society3 essentials to enhance your web designs
THUR10:453Discuss, ReckittNext-gen empathy: Amplifying consumer voices in the new era of market research
THUR10:454News UK, Insight Management AcadenyTransforming insight at News UK and eBay
THUR10:455ForstaLeveraging AI to create the next generation of research technology
THUR11:301GetWhyThis is how you deploy AI in qual consumer insights
THUR11:302RubiklabThe shift from artificial to augmented intelligence, NestléBringing empathy through metaphor
THUR11:304UKHSAUsing insight at UKHSA to support people most impacted by health threats
THUR11:305DVJ InsightsBringing AI to the Party - How AI Rewrites the Rules of Research
THUR12:151Quest MindshareCreating a better B2B survey: U.S. and U.K. respondents speak!
THUR12:152Canvs AI, Sound InsightsExpert AI Panel Discussion: How Elite Brands Navigate the Promise and Peril of Generative AI for Insight
THUR12:153Lloyd's Register, Insight Management AcademyTransforming insight at Lloyd’s Register
THUR12:154McDonald'sWould you like actionable recommendations with that? Insight from two McInfluencers
THUR12:155Kokoro (The Score), Kokoro GlobalFear, failure and learning to fly: Rewriting the innovation playbook
THUR1:451CrowdtechCustomers want to be heard. Are you listening? Companies like Nespresso, Ahold Delhaize and Coca-Cola already do.
THUR1:452Lara Meyer Insights LtdBye-bye burnout: A researcher's guide to thriving in work and life
THUR1:453Borderless Access, Beam SuntorySetting the bar high in better understanding customers’ needs
THUR1:454Insight Management AcademyDefining an insight team's purpose in an AI-shaped world
THUR1:455DataDiggersGreen power to the people!
THUR2:301EYThe urge to splurge: Differentiating unplanned and impulse purchases
THUR2:302Samsung, RedblueHow to market market research: The art of selling insights to marketers
THUR2:303SkyBelieve in better: A journey to embedding cultural insight at Sky
THUR2:304Keen as Mustard Marketing, FlexMR, Viking, The LEGO Group, BT Group, MicrosoftMarket research Room 101: What will you banish?
THUR2:305J.P. MorganThe future of qualitative research: Driving change through innovation
THUR3:151UM LondonMoney talks: How the cost-of-living crisis is impacting mental health and how brands can help
THUR3:152Reckitt, NAILBITERThe future of green: Defining eco in the U.K.
THUR3:153Queen Mary University of LondonCANCELLED: Consumer insights for user-generated content
THUR3:154Kerry, KantarFutureLens: Feeding tomorrow by navigating the future
THUR3:155Wonderlust CollectiveImmersive qualitative research and experiential deliverables
The Quirks Event London 2024 990
The Quirks Event London 2024 990