Community Platform 

People want to be heard, not studied. That’s why the future of insights is conversational.

Conversational research is about letting people express how they truly feel in the moments that matter most. It’s texts, emojis and selfies. It’s deeper insights through quant, qual and video in one seamless experience.

Rival Technologies mobile phone conversation and QR code.Rival’s mobile-first platform uses chat-based technology that takes people out of test-taking mode and lets you interact with your customers in a way that feels fresh yet familiar. 

Maximize your agility, budget and impact by:

  • Improving engagement: On average, conversational surveys see a completion rate of 81%. Far better than traditional, boring surveys. 
  • Accelerating insight-gathering: Insight communities on Rival see a 60% completion rate in the first two hours. 
  • Capturing richer responses: Videos deliver a 700% increase in words compared to text for open-ended questions. 
  • Connecting you to new voices: Recruit real people via social media, your CRM, QR codes, apps, your website, influencers and more. 
  • Enhancing storytelling: Dynamic deliverables, mobile toplines and video reels get the attention of stakeholders and increase the visibility of your insights. 

Best of all, take advantage of a flexible service model to fit your needs from DIY to assisted-serve to white-glove consulting through our sister company, Reach3 Insights.

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