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Getting honest and authentic feedback from consumers on your products is an essential component to making confident business decisions. Unfortunately, most of the time that’s easier said than done. While in-home usage tests (IHUTs) are critical to successful product development, they can oftentimes be complex, expensive and prone to low data quality.

Sago's On-the-Go Product Testing makes complex product testing simple by using the QualMobile™ smartphone app to guide participants through a structured and guided research process. With On-the-Go Product Testing, you’ll get engaged participants, enhanced activities and exceptional data quality – powered by a user-friendly app. QualMobile helps participants capture not just quantitative responses but also photos and videos as they interact with your product.

On-the-Go Product Testing 

On-the-Go Product Testing combines the cutting-edge technology of the QualMobile platform with recruitment from Sago’s global qualitative panels and full project management to make complex product testing a breeze. Sago experts recruit respondents based on your specific needs and eligibility criteria. They then ship products to selected participants with the help of the QualMobile app. Your chosen activity types, ranging from unboxing videos to daily usage check-ins, are then set up and participants receive reminders and notifications via the app when they are due.

When the project is complete, you can receive deliverables ranging from raw data exports to full-service analysis and reporting based on your needs. 

With On-the-Go Product Testing using QualMobile, you get: 

  • A user-friendly experience with a simple and effective smartphone app.
  • A highly-engaged panel of participants that match your criteria.
  • Accurate and authentic feedback in real-life situations.
  • Exceptional data quality.
  • In-context capture of photos, videos and audio from participants.
  • An expert team to help manage your project.

When to use On-the-Go Product Testing:

  • Package and label testing.
  • Satiety measurement.
  • Taste tests.
  • Pet product research.
  • Usage tests.
  • Any time you need real-life, on-the-go feedback for your product or service.

At Sago, we know the importance of getting real-time feedback from your customers. That's why we've created On-the-Go Product Testing using QualMobile – a solution designed by qualitative researchers for qualitative researchers. If you need real-life feedback for your products, just Say Go.

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