Editor’s note: This is an edited version of an article originally written and published by software development firm InMoment, South Jordan, Utah, under the title, “How to write email survey subject lines that increase your open rates.” 

Customer experience (CX) surveys are foundational to soliciting the customer feedback you need to power your CX program, and many of these surveys are sent via e-mail. However, the first step to receiving that survey feedback can be one of the most difficult: getting your customer to open your e-mail. 

When it comes to open rates, your email’s subject line is more important than you might think it is. Two helpful e-mail stats drive this point home:

When narrowing in on all the possible reasons why your survey e-mails aren’t seeing a decent open rates, it makes sense to start with your subject lines.

Effective customer interactions are dependent on speaking your audience’s language. This doesn’t just refer to the words and terms you use in your e-mails (though that is obviously also extremely important).

No, we’re referring to your “voice” here – where you pitch the subject line on the “familiarity” spectrum. On the one side of this spectrum is “ultra-conversational,” and on the other side, “ultra-professional.”

On the conversational side, you’ll use language that makes your recipients feel like they’re being asked a question by a friend or a trusted colleague. These subject lines should have an approachable tone and make the recipient feel comfortable.

Here are two examples of conversational survey e-mail subject lines:

On the professional side of the spectrum, you’re using language that builds trust on your brand’s ability to take your service seriously. You don’t have to come off pompous or like you’ve swallowed a thesaurus. Stick to the point and treat the recipient like someone who appreciates professionalism in the workplace.