Questionnaire length and fatigue effects: The latest thinking and practical solutions

Editor's Note: SSI hosted a webinar on questionnaire lengths and fatigue effects on February 18, 2015. Duration 56:55.

To get high-quality research data, we need people to pay attention throughout the questionnaire. What happens to data when they don’t? How long is too long for today’s questionnaires?

SSI methodologists Pete Cape and Keith Phillips review the evidence for the common 20 minute maximum recommendation. Is this as true now as it was five or ten years ago? What is the impact of mobile on questionnaire length?

Learn about the impact of cultural dimensions, via new research data from India, China and Singapore compared to the West.

Key takeaways:

  1. How to shorten questionnaires.
  2. Fielding surveys in bite-sized chunks.
  3. Adding some mental breaks.


  • Pete Cape, director of global knowledge, SSI. 
  • Keith Phillips, senior methodologist, SSI.