In-the-Moment Research: Why the Lizard is a Researcher’s Best Friend

Editor's note: Streebees held a webinar on September 15, 2021, focusing on speaking and listening to consumers to find growth opportunities.

It’s a funny thing, recall. Most of us like to think we have a pretty good memory but as researchers we have to remember that there’s always an element of self-justification and reconstruction when we ask people to tell us about the decisions they’ve made. 

Why? That pesky monkey brain that insists on rationalizing decisions after the fact. The part of the brain that results in consumer brands scratching their heads and saying, “But this is what they said they wanted; why aren’t they buying it?”

For brands trying to make decisions based on reality, it’s the lizard brain we need to access. That ancient part of the brain that actually makes the decisions – instinctually and emotionally.

In this webinar, Tim Benner of Streetbees will talk about why brands need to reevaluate the way they listen to consumers to really uncover the drivers of decision-making. 

Join us to learn how:

  • Talking to consumers in the moment can reveal hidden motivators.
  • Listening to consumers in their own words is key to identifying new growth opportunities.
  • AI can bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Most importantly, find out how understanding all of this will put you ahead of your competitors. 


Tim Benner, Director of Client Solutions, Streetbees