Unboxed: How to Unlock the Power of the Subscription Economy

Editor's note: The webinar Streetbees gave on June 23, 2021, focused on maintaining consistent customers within a subscription economy.

Repeat purchases are the gold standard for any marketeer, brand manager or CMO – but how do you keep consumers coming back for more? In this webinar, we’ll show how Brewdog India and Mindful Chef harnessed the power of the subscription economy to boost brand loyalty and tap into repeat purchases.

Subscriptions have long been a game for direct-to-consumer brands. In fact by 2023, it’s predicted that up to 75% of D2C brands will offer a subscription service to their customers. But the potential for the subscription economy is vast and brands outside of the D2C space are taking note.

To stay ahead of your competition and on top of this opportunity, join our in-house subscription economy expert Fiona Battle along with the former head of marketing at Brewdog India and the head of CRM and loyalty at Mindful Chef, who will share:

  • Why there is a demand for subscription services now more than ever.
  • How unconventional industries are adapting to subscription models to increase brand loyalty.
  • How you can achieve repeat purchases in categories such as food, supplements, pet care and alcohol.


Fiona Battle, Strategic Client Director, Streetbees