With many states lifting coronavirus restrictions and vaccinations becoming more widely available, Americans are looking forward to life after the pandemic. In a recent article, Chris Jackson and Mallory Newall of Ipsos explored new research on what Americans are most excited to do once conditions are appropriate.

Americans are ready for an end to coronavirus restrictions and the ability to see those outside of their household. The most anticipated event is not having to think about coronavirus or social distancing, with 74% of respondents agreeing, and 72% percent of Americans look forward to not having to wear masks in public anymore. Americans are excited to see their family and friends, too, with over 60% saying they look forward to meeting with friends and family outside of their household and having dinner in restaurants with their friends.

With only 7% of Americans currently going on holiday trips and 15% going on day trips, it’s not surprising that 56% percent are looking forward to resuming these activities. Around half of Americans are looking forward to going to parties such as birthdays or weddings (56%), bars or restaurants (52%), indoor cinemas or theaters (52%) and large public gatherings such as sporting or music events (50%).

Respondents are ready for their kids to get back to usual activities, with half of Americans with children looking forward to sending their kids back to school – though another 16% report that their child or children are already attending school in-person. Missed opportunities from the pandemic have affected everyone and 52% percent of Americans with children say they’re excited to take their kids to visit their grandparents again.

Although respondents are ready to get back to the activities and people they’ve missed, these feelings are more complicated in regard to the workplace. Among Americans who are currently employed, less than 40% are excite...