Editor's note: Chris Young, AVP business development, InnovateMR, a full-service sampling and res-tech company located in Calabasas, California. This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on the InnovateMR blog title “Quirk’s New York 2023 Review and Takeaways.”

Filling the Javits Center with more than 1,500 attendees, The Quirk’s Event - New York 2023 was one of the most-attended conferences in our industry this year. The venue offered an expansive exhibit floor, several networking and working lounges and five unique session rooms packed with client-focused content. 

As with many events in the last several months, there was substantial focus on AI and the more tangible impacts the technology is having on market research as it has become more established.  

Here are the InnovateMR and Ivy Exec teams’ top takeaways from The Quirk’s Event - New York 2023: 

Market research, at its fundamental core, is about understanding what makes real people tick and diving deep into emotional decision-making with the intent to deliver on evolving needs. 

It is becoming clear that so far, no technology has been able to replicate all nuances of the human experience in a meaningful way. Instead, it is empowering researchers to better gather, interpret and implement human generated insights at scale.

In a session from Ipsos and Amazon Web Services, as well as several others, speakers outlined how humans still very much have a place in the research journey with AI serving to provide time-saving enhancements: 

By using AI tools to evaluate survey participant behavior and open-ended text, researchers can trust that their data is accurate and actionable. 

What would be 10-12 hours for a research team to structure 8,000 open ended questions now takes minutes, allowing researchers to tap into the organized data set and identify specific actionable brand trends. 

It can...