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Murray Hill National

All audiences. All methodologies. We are experts in recruiting and field management for the market research industry. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of market researchers. We collaborate with qualitative research moderators and agencies from around the globe. Our team of experienced research professionals provide world-class services. We strive to be a step above the rest.

Each of our women have specific strengths. Tiffany assists Susan as executive VP and manages a multifunctional recruiting team and host of project managers including consumer, health care and B2B. Nicole serves as executive director of B2B and manages a multifunctional team. Elisa is a rock star health care research project director. Rexann serves as leader in our health care department. Rosslyn heads up a consumer team and has worked with Susan for 9+ years. Judy has worked with Susan for 19 years and she handles in-facility liaison work as a company VP. Modesty is one of our newest project managers; she hosts a team of consumer recruiters. Bianca is 22 and has been with Murray Hill National since she was 16 and worked as a part-time recruiter in high school.