Combining Social and Survey Research to Obtain Truly Unparalleled Insights

Editor's Note: Toluna gave a webinar on social and survey research on March 12, 2013. Duration 57:47. 

Over the past two years, a global revolution has changed how people interact with social media. In the U.S., Comscore reports that 57.3 million users access and post to Facebook over their mobile device alone; Twitter has 13.3 million users daily posting from their phones, and 5.4 million users post by mobile to LinkedIn. This revolutionary “mobile posting” to social media allows for in-the-moment commentary – commentary that includes brands, product use and retail stores. The posted data is rich in content – images, video, news clips, geolocation information, amongst others – and advances in smartphone technologies make the postings, including the content, extremely easy for individuals to do.

Many companies perform social media analysis as well as survey research to better understand their consumer space, yet they don’t look at the two activities as a unified whole. We’ve developed strategies for merging survey research and social media analysis and in this presentation we will use a study of beer and wine drinkers to show how doing so can produce data rich with insights and compelling narratives.

Key takeaways:

  • How the mobile revolution in research modes is causing an organic shift in survey-taking.
  • How consumers are using social media and more to gather information prior to decision-making.
  • How market researchers can use these shifts in behavior to obtain more holistic information and create deeper narratives.


  • Carol Haney, vice president of group product marketing, Toluna.