Coupling A Branded Community Approach With Social Media Data To Deepen Insight – A Case Study With Discovery

Editor's note: Toluna shared a case study on combining a branded community approach with social media data to deepen insight on December 11, 2014. Duration 49:00. 

Discovery Channel is no stranger to aligning market research insight with viewer data to better understand their viewers’ opinions and understand the programming they enjoy. Working closely with Toluna, Discovery has developed a panel community that actively engages its viewers by asking them to help review/rate ideas on up-coming content, and providing feedback on new initiatives for some of the channel’s most popular programs.

As market researchers, we at Toluna look to understand the key drivers for consumer decision-making. In our ongoing support of Discovery’s insights generation initiatives, we felt that learning more about their community and their viewership in real-time, in addition to cross-platform viewership would be especially insightful.

Discovery Channel is keen to deepen their understanding of key audience segments – enthusiasts, sporadic viewers, and episodic viewers. Given the social nature of the Discovery community, Toluna is working with them on integrating the community, and members Facebook pages to obtain a deeper level of insight. Social media scraping can integrate ‘sociality statistics’ or influence, discussions and on-site posts, including images, friend lists, requests and more. 

Key takeaways: 

  • The benefits (and caveats) of branded community approaches.
  • Mobile surveys and additional information that can be gleaned.
  • Leveraging social media, deepening respondent intelligence and segmentation.


  • Neil Dixit, vice president of pre-sales and technology, Toluna.
  • John Bremer, chief research and strategy officer, Toluna.