As marketing research companies bring research in house, researchers are finding challenges within the process. Creating an in-house research department allows you to complete your project from start to finish instead of outsourcing to a third party. Conducting in-house research can lead to stronger relationships with your team and clients and can strengthen a variety of your skills. Quirk’s has compiled a list of seven tips to help you overcome in-house research challenges.  

1.     Know how to communicate effectively.

Being able to properly communicate your research process or findings to your team or clients is crucial in any scenario. In the article “How to build an effective in-house market research practice” author Keith Malo states that a successful in-house research team should be able to relay any relevant information to the team and its institution. 

Quirk’s Content Editor Emily Koenig wrote a piece titled “Hard and soft skills for navigating the future of research” where she delved into the 2020 Q Report that surveyed marketing research industry professionals. Researchers wanted to improve their communication skills in a variety of areas including storytelling, which allows data to turn into consumable insight. Researchers also wanted to improve the way they explain research to others, including people outside of the marketing research and insights industry. 

2.     Maintain relationships with the people around you.

When bringing research in house, it is important to continue to form relationships with your clients and the team you will be working with. Reassuring your existing customers can put them at ease with the changes they may experience while you bring your research in house. The way you conduct research may change but don’t let that negatively affect the way you approach those around you.

3.     Be flexible.

When starting the shift to in-house research, be...