Ensuring Sample Quality – A Two-Tier Strategy

Editor's note: VeraQuest and uSamp gave a webinar in which they gave tips on obtaining quality data on July 24, 2013. Duration 54:29. 

Peter Gold, CEO, VeraQuest and Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP global panel and sampling operations, uSamp offer tips for obtaining quality data.

As online market research continues to mature, managing data quality has become more critical than ever before. With each new technological advance comes the potential for new strains of fraud. Validation products may help control hackers from spoiling sample, but Wilding-Brown and Gold explain why it takes a vigilant effort from sample providers and research suppliers alike to ensure their clients receive quality data.

During this Webinar, they will share some of their experiences in the field and offer up five tips for optimizing your data quality.

  1. Source testing.
  2. Registration.
  3. Sample frame balance.
  4. Respondent monitoring.
  5. Research design and execution.


  • Peter Gold, CEO, VeraQuest. 
  • Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP global panel and sampling operations, uSamp.