Editor's note: Tinder and Current Forward are finalists of the 2023 Client/Supplier Collaboration award which is a category in the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards. The winners of the awards will be announced on November 14 during a virtual celebration. To find out more about the awards, visit QuirksAwards.com. 

Tinder and Current Forward represent one of four finalists for the 2023 Client/Supplier Collaboration Award. To learn more about the partnership between the companies, we reached out to Lillian Brown, co-founder of Current Forward.

Tinder and Current Forward have overlapping objectives: harness the power of human connection to be catalysts for action. Both companies recognize that genuine human connection, and its continuous evolution, are at the core of their work. By acknowledging this shared emphasis on connection, both companies found a foundation upon which to build a collaborative partnership.

When conducting and sharing out the results of our Gen Z research, Tinder and Current Forward focused on identifying the best ways to connect with stakeholder audiences. The result was a highly visual and engaging “Who is Gen Z?” internal website that showcased why this generation is an important business priority, educated visitors on how Gen Zers approach love and dating and offered opportunities for Tinder to service them. The website pulled in data from our multiphase qualitative research efforts, as well as various internal data sources to tell a collective business story. The website acted as an always-on artifact that captured the attention of its audience and created resonance via multimedia storytelling.

Together, the Tinder and Current Forward teams transformed insights into actionable strategies through compelling presentation, fostering connections between data and decision-makers. 

Core tenets of our partnership are creative and critical thinking, executio...