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Smarty Pants

Wynne Tyree, Chief Smarty Pants

Meredith Franck, Chief Operating Mastermind

Stephanie Retblatt, Chief Braniac

Alisha Snow, Chief Brainiac 

Dr. Michelle Poris, Quant Savant

The Smarty Pants women.

When Wynne Tyree founded Smarty Pants in 2005, she never guessed the organization would partner with more than 200 of the world’s most powerful companies. Nor did she envision the 62-person shop would boast 48 of the most talented women leaders and leaders-in-training in the research and insights community. 

When asked to spotlight its female leaders, Tyree was committed to featuring all 48 of the powerhouses who drive Smarty Pants’ success. From “Research Prodigies” to “Chief Brainiacs,” these women have been instrumental to the growth and evolution of the full-service agency. 

Those who call Smarty Pants their professional home range from Ph.D.s in child development, to experts in marketing to Baby Boomers, to creative whizzes who excel at bringing consumer narratives to life. They span from Los Angeles to Tampa to Boston and include expert moderators, digital qualitative pros, quantitative analysts, big-data jockeys and strategic thought leaders who are at the top of their games. 

Smarty Pants’ elevated emphasis on company culture helps attract and retain top talent. The company’s unlimited sick leave, flexible schedules, paid family leave, monthly paid “happy hours” to relax and recharge, an in-house Head of Happiness, paid milk shipping services for nursing mothers, at-home offices and various other benefits are some of the ways Smarty Pants manifests its people-first ethos. 

“We’re an organization of passionate research practitioners and thought leaders who make our business, and the businesses of our clients, better. These women are the backbone of Smarty Pants and a reflection of our company mission ‘to illuminate the business world with brilliant insights, inspiring stories and ingenious solutions,’” states Meredith Franck, Chief Operating Mastermind. 

The award-winning research and strategic consulting firm excels at delivering breakthrough insights that spark innovation and activation across categories. With roots in youth and family research and marketing, Smarty Pants has expanded to include consumer insights work across life stages and generations. Learnings are used to guide product development, brand positioning, content creation and marketing efforts across platforms and channels.