How corporate insights professionals are staying ahead of our evolving world

Editor's note: Zinklar gave a webinar on how corporate insights professionals are evolving to fit our evolving world. 

Insights pros have to deal with uncertainties across the world, from increases in inflation to energy prices. They have to be smart and constantly adapt to understand their customers better.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from insights professionals about the challenges they are facing in the market today and their advice on how to continually monitor the voice of the customer. The panel will bring their expertise and advice on adapting product innovation and brand growth based on agile market research.

Key takeaways: 

  • Proactively measuring brand health. 
  • Maximizing the voice of the customer .
  • Demonstrating ROI of market research for budgets in 2023.


  • Luciana Procopio, manager insight strategy, Panasonic Europe.
  • Vanessa Bougla, head of insights, Avanti West Coast U.K.
  • Ignasi Fernandez, CMO, Zinklar.
  • Helen Dunnington, voice of customer manager, Avanti.