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Company Description

Dynamic Fieldwork are specialists in International Data Collection and Fieldwork Consultancy, focusing on quality and cost efficiencies. We work to take away the everyday hassles of multi-country fieldwork with a particular focus on B2B, B2C and Healthcare Sectors. 

Based in London U.K., we offer both qualitative and quantitative modes of Data Collection with our core strength having the know-how and capability to get the job done. Our preference is to work hand in hand with our clients to deliver their global data requirements to budget and on time. 

We have successfully delivered international data to many of our clients with very specific and hard-to-reach audiences. We deliver not only to branding and research agencies but also to global corporations, management consultants and other such organisations that require primary research data.

We work with clients on all the main modes of qualitative and quantitative data collection (offline and online), scripting and hosting, sample management, translation services and data processing. 

We simplify our clients’ challenges by utilising our experience to select the appropriate methodology with a focus on quality. 

Dynamic Fieldwork is London-based, leaving us perfectly placed to handle all European markets, the Americas, and Asian markets. 

Industries and Projects

Health care Projects

  • Health care Market Assessments
  • Patient Satisfaction Studies
  • Dental and GP Care Health care Risk Assessments


Pharma and Life Science Projects

  • Animal Studies/Laboratory Studies
  • Remote Health Monitoring Trials Medication and Drug Awareness
  • Research Labs - Specifically Commercial Testing Facilities, Research Labs, CRO’s, and Academic Labs focussed on blood collection.
  • Pharmaceutical Employee Studies (e.g., scientists, regulatory and process developers)
  • Biopharmaceutical Employee Studies (e.g., C-Level, scientists, manufacturers)
  • BioPharma and Pathology Personas


B2B Projects

  • C-Sat & Loyalty
  • Image/Attitude Awareness and Usage
  • Product testing, Concept Evaluation
  • Brand/Product Positioning Surveys
  • Localised Studies
  • Price Testing/Forecasting
  • NPS


B2C Projects

  • Tracking and Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Market Sizing
  • Profiling and Segmentation Studies
  • Loyalty Studies
  • Attitude and Awareness
  • Pricing Studies
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Consumer Voice

Year Established:   2016

Research Services and Specializations

Highland House
165 The Broadway, Wimbledon
London SW191NE
United Kingdom
Customer Contact(s):
Colm Russell, Managing Partner
Paul Donnelly, Managing Partner
  • 44-203-292-2444
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