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Elliott Benson

Sacramento, CA

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Company Description

Over 28 years of research excellence. Recognized as a global leader in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative solutions, online and in-person. We deliver high quality recruitment for consumer, B2B, health care and specialty audience research. For in-person, our research facility in Northern California is modern and has four rooms for project specific configurations.

Our virtual online qualitative platform, ebOnline, provides real-time IT support and a private backroom viewing experience.

For in-person research, we offer spacious, upscale facilities with open floor plans, high speed dedicated fiber optic internet, HD video streaming with chat functionality, HD pan, tilt, zoom cameras (PTZ), off-site live stream capability using our Polycom 360° live stream camera. Large multipurpose rooms allow for a variety of research methodologies, including central location testing, mock juries, dial sessions, creative spaces, etc. and a test kitchen for taste tests. All rooms can be configured to suit the specific needs of clients – conference, living room, classroom, etc.

Year Established:   1995

Research Services and Specializations

1226 H St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Chuck Benson, COO
Jaclyn Elliott Benson, Owner/Manager
  • 916-325-1670
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